Design Sprint

Design Sprint Lab
Design Sprint Lab


Envision a new experience for our customers – focused on their primary needs and workflow.

We needed to rapidly come up with a new experience for our customers and wanted to have a cross-disciplined group: Product, UX, Engineering, and Account Management work together to concept and prototype solutions and test with customers in a week’s time.


We followed the Google Ventures Design Sprint plan.

  • Day One: Learn – learn about the problem, users, and competition.
  • Day Two: Create – rapid sketching sessions around focused problems.
  • Day Three: Decide – from dot voting and prioritization, choose one or two most compelling solutions.
  • Day Four: Prototype – get something built rapidly that you can put in front of real people and get feedback.
  • Day Five: Test – have 3-5 primary users scheduled and walk them through the prototype, listen, learn, and then iterate.


Learn - Goals
Learn – Goals
Learn - Kickoff
Learn – Kickoff
Learn - Journey Map
Learn – Journey Map


Create - Sketch Tile
Create – Sketch Tile
Create - Sketch Mobile
Create – Sketch Mobile
Create - Mission Control Sketches
Create – Mission Control Sketches


Decide - Dot Voting
Decide – Dot Voting


Prototype - Click Through Wireframe
Prototype – Click Through Wireframe
Prototype - Wireframe - ROI Calculator
Prototype – Wireframe – ROI Calculator
Prototype - Wireframe - Dashboard
Prototype – Wireframe – Dashboard


Test - Recruit Participants
Test – Recruit Participants
Test - Share Prototype
Test – Share Prototype
Test - Get Feedback
Test – Get Feedback
Test - Key Learnings
Test – Key Learnings
Test - Next Steps
Test – Next Steps



Iterate - Refined UI Prototype
Iterate – Refined UI Prototype
Share - Design Sprint Primer
Share – Design Sprint Primer

Take aways

Design Sprint
Design Sprint

This was a great experiment. The time of collaboration and the time box was exceptionally valuable. Here is what I would do differently:

  • Preload learning – provide resources and send out a Sprint Prep Packet to help participants get on board with current research, competition, and knowledge to speed up the Learn phase.
  • Share leadership – this was a quickly planned sprint. I would recommend having different people lead different sections.
  • Have everyone local – keep everyone in the same room, we worked with remote participants and found some good remote collaboration methods, but it was still a challenge to keep everyone connected.