Establishing solid interactive strategy from a combination and integration of business goals and user goals. Working to meet solid ROI through efficient and enjoyable user experience is a science and an art. When all paths converge a useful interactive strategy emerges for an exceptional solution for all stakeholders – the final customer included.

People Centered Design

Focusing on real people, the user, or customer’s satisfaction is key to good business and it’s no different with interactive, digital solutions that are used within a context of a full customer engagement and integrated experience. I utilize research methods and contextual observations, reality-based user models and personas with tangible walk-through scenarios elicit solid solutions for great […]

Application Flows + Interface Design

From the foundation of strategy and user-centered research comes the expression of a well-designed architecture, flows, and interface models or wireframe mockups. I use these tools and documentation are the blueprint for the user interface and aesthetic design to be built upon.

Usability Testing + Validation

The best user research and usability testing is early, often, and continuous – as much as possible. The more the team can observe user responses, frustrations, and successes in a real context and in real use, the more the design solutions are validated and conform to the business goals and user goals early in the development which […]

Team Leading + Teaching

With a high value for collaboration and eliciting the skills and contributions of all team members from client to management to design to development – a well communicating team is the key to the best product, and process. From supportive team leading to teaching in many contexts, I seek to provide a great experience not only for […]